Wildwood Farm ~  Pumpkin Patch ~ Westminster MA
Pumpkin Picking Adventure
         Our adventure took place on Saturday September 16, 2006.
We set out to Wildwood Farm in Westminster Massachusetts.  There, we were able to pick pumpkins from an established pumpkin patch.  The pumpkin patch also had ears of corn growing in it.  There were pumpkins of all sizes still on the vine that spread over a vast area on the hillside with a spectacular view.   As horses grazed nearby, Justin set out on his search.
Justin in "The Quest for the Great Pumpkin!"
Must scope out the pumpkin patch.  High and low...
Carefully walking through the patch turning over pumpkins...
Found a nice orange and round one..
But no! It is not great!
This pumpkin was dinner for some kind of animal in the field. 
Wonder what ate it?
There are many more pumpkins to choose from, the pumpkin patch spans for acres.
Some are still green.
Justin wanders through the pumpkin patch.
Checking each and every pumpkin for imperfections...  
Justin hopes perhaps that if he turns over enough pumkins around the patch that it will help him find the right one...
How about a human scareboy to keep the deer and raccoons out of the field?
With so many pumpkins to search through, Justin is beginning to doubt that he will ever find the great pumpkin...
NO! He still believes he can find it! 
Justin likes this one, then decides it is too small ...
Justin spies one way down low...
He passes a few good ones on the way down the hill...
These two look good
for the headless
horseman to use!
But what about this funny wizzled one?

I wonder if Charlie Brown & Snoopy had this much trouble!
The quest for the "great pumpkin" is not as easy as it sounds!
Lovely yellow pumpkin flowers still blossom in the patch.
But wait, what's he doing way down there?
Come over! Quick!
Ut oh!
Behind those vines
under that dirt...
Could it be? Could it be?

Is this the one?

Stand it up and see if it's a good one!

Its MINE! It's Mine and I found it!

This is the one!
The "Great

  I am taking it home!

The horse says
"That looks like one heavy pumpkin!"

Justin carries his great pumpkin to the check out counter.
We bought two pumpkins in all. One giant one that Justin picked and a smaller one for Sasha who wasn't able to come on our adventure this time.  Justin's great pumpkin is weighed and paid for.
We brought them home and Justin can't wait to carve his!

Justin and his Great Pumpkin!

They have the same expression!

Recipes made with Pumpkins: