Noah Hunt History
Noah Hunt 3-14-03
Noah Hunt at the Blue Note
Long Black Train Album Cover
Jason Dennie & Noah Hunt 1995
Stanley's Pub  3-12-03
Stanley's Pub 2003
Uncle Six The Flood
Noah in Uncle Six
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     Noah Hunt a native of Cincinnati Ohio was born January 17, 1970  and has a deep past as a musician, songwriter and vocalist.   He is recognized most as the talented vocalist for the popular  "Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band" since joining the group in April 1997.   Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s last 2 Cds "Trouble is..” and “Live on” display the incredibly powerful sounds of Noah Hunt’s vocal ability.  Mr. Hunt replaced the band's former lead singer Corey Sterling  who’s vocals appear on the first Shepherd album Ledbetter Heights.  Prior to joining the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band,  Noah Hunt performed locally and recorded albums as an acoustic duo with guitarist Jason Dennie and with his own band Uncle Six.

   Noah's musical journey began at  the age of four when he started taking piano lessons and sang in church choir. He was influenced by his parent's Beatles albums and dreamed about becoming a rock star.  His father, attorney James Hunt, has a musical history as well and has shared influences and showed support to his son, while encouraging him through college hoping his son would eventually be a lawyer. 
      James Hunt told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he always played the guitar around the house and his son proved to be the quick learner. ''I gave Noah a few lessons, but it's hard to teach your kid something like that. So he took professional lessons.  I knew he was good when in high school he started to figure out all the chords to Dylan songs that I still couldn't get.''

    Noah, who is the oldest of three Hunt children, attended public school at New Richmond High until his sophomore year.  He graduated from Summit Country Day School and then went on to receive an English degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  

    After college Noah formed the band Uncle Six around his lead vocals, rhythm guitar and songwriting while band members filtered through the line up from 1993 -1997.   Noah  recorded 4 Uncle Six albums, Wisdom of the Serpent,  Six from six (a six track demo),  Heartland Soil, and The Flood (EP).  He also performed weekly acoustic/folk gigs at Tommy's on Main and Stanley's Pub  with  partner Jason Dennie.   Long Black Train, the album they recorded together was named  one of Cincinnati's top albums of 1995.   It features a song that Noah is most proud of "Cuba on My Mind" written by his father about  the saga of Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis, who was Hunt's uncle by marriage.

     The musical talents of Noah Hunt also received recognition when he was awarded the Cammy
(Cincinnati Area Music Award) for folk vocalist of the year 1997 and in 1998 as Rock vocalist of the year.  Hunt  had what's known as a ‘spec deal' on RCA,  a developmental deal with the record company but on the recommendation of photographer W.A.Williams, he landed an audition as the lead singer for the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band.

     When the deal was signed that made Noah Hunt the vocalist for the young Louisiana blues guitarist, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, he had to quickly leave town for San Francisco and was rushed into the recording studio with Shepherd,Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon.   Uncle Six was forced to cancel their performance at a local annual music festival .   Noah reflected on this time in his life with music journalist Larry Nager, "I lived in Columbia Tusculum and played at Stanley's. I didn't have a lot of money, but it was one of the best times of my life.” Of course, when he joined the KWSB some criticized him for leaving his band Uncle Six. “It was selfish,” he says of his decision. “I was heading out to make it. That's just the reality of the situation. I turned down a deal (that didn't include the band). Then RCA made an offer (that included Uncle Six). And that's what I had wanted to hear (but the offer never got past the demo recording phase). “I loved those guys, and I still do. But I had to make a choice. In the end I saw it as an opportunity to achieve what I'd set out to achieve.” 

       Noah actually lost his voice during this period due to a combination of stress and allergies and used herbal teas and other homeopathic remedies to get it back to record "Trouble Is".  The album went on to sell  1.5 million copies, and  the KWSB hit record,  “Blue On Black” featuring Noah's vocals  was named "Rock Track of the Year for 1998" by the Billboard Awards.  The KWSB went on to tour for two straight years world wide and followed up with the 1999 release of "Live on" and more touring for Hunt.  The KWSB has opened for the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Dylan.  Within the KWSB, Hunt is known first to the fans for his voice, which is bluesy and soulful and commands the audience with the power behind it.  Second for his stage presence, his charasmatic style  adding  flavor and passion to Kenny's guitar wailing.  On the classic live blues covers such as "You done lost your good thing now" and "King Bee" Noah steals the show with a balance of  roar and romance in his voice that appeals to both men and  women in the crowds.

    While home for the holidays on break from the KWSB at the end of 2000, Noah got together with some friends and band members of Uncle Six and created the new  band  "Noah Hunt and the 420 All-Stars" to perform locally. He describes this side project as "roots rock, with an edgier southern rock, slide guitar feel."  Two years later, the band continues to play shows and  Noah hopes to record a 420 All-Stars album and put together a little tour.  Noah says his goal is to become a more established songwriter, "I think I've got the performance end of it down, the whole rock image thing. Now I think I just want to become a better songwriter.  And I'm surrounded by talented artists all the time, so we just try to keep creating and try to learn at every turn.”  And as with the blues, he's inspired to write by emotional changes in his life and of course, women.

     In the past three months Noah Hunt and The 420 All-Stars have performed shows in Covington Kentucky, Middletown Ohio and recently back in Cincinnati.  Before the March 2003 show Noah joked, "I gotta go back to my other night job,"and told reporters that he'll be in the studio, laying down pre-production tracks for the next KWSB album and in April, Shepherd, Hunt and Double Trouble will start a six-week arena tour with ZZ Top.

                                                  ~Written by NoahHunt.Org   3-29-03

*Articles written by Larry Nager of The Cincinnati Enquirer and Rick Bird of The The Cincinnati Post were referrenced for this Noah Hunt history.  You can see the complete articles on's Noah Articles pages 1 & 2. *
Noah & Uncle Six Reunion
Noah Hunt in Uncle Six Reunion
Cincinatti OH 2003 by Stacia Rose
Kenny Wayne & Noah Hunt 2003
In the fall of 2004 the long awaited 4th Kenny Wayne Shepherd album was  never released. To the surprise of all their fans it was a 1rst solo effort to sing album called "The Place You're In"  by Shepherd  that was released.
Shepherd decided to drop the name "The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band." and go it solo, singing and writing for his album.
    Noah Hunt appears as a
guest on only two songs as the lead vocalist. Noah remains signed under contract with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and continues to tour with him sharing the duties at the mic.
Shepherd hires new bandmates to tour with.
2004 by Tony Boone
Kenny Wayne & Noah Hunt 2004
With poor album sales on the solo effort put out by Kenny Wayne, the band struggles to book tour dates few and far between in the year of 2005. There is talk of a compilation "blues" album w/ Kenny and some old time Blues artists but so far nothing has appear as of early October 2005.

   Noah Hunt continues to draw in the crowd and front the band on vocals at all the live concert appearances, capturing the hearts of new & old  fans.
The band goes back to most of their old tunes live in concert and plays little from Kenny's solo effort album. 
2005 by Steve Mitchell
Kenny Wayne & Noah Hunt 2005
2006 - 2007
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
releases the compilation "blues" album "Ten Days Out" accompanied by many blues greats.  Kenny tour blues venues with Noah on vocals playing with the vintage artists. Crowds continue to comment on Noah's appeal and talents wishing for some solo projects.   
In the past 8 years since 1999 when "Live On" was released,  Noah Hunt's voice has been featured on only 3 songs Kenny Wayne Shepherd put out.  Not enough to keep fans interested.

February 2008
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Blues Cd "Ten Days Out" accompanied by blues greats Brian Lee and Hubert Sumlin is nominated for a Grammy.

"Kenny Wayne Shepherd, a Blues star in his own right, traveled the south with a documentary film crew and a portable recording studio to capture several veteran blues players on their home turf. The resulting album and film, 10 Days Out: Blues from the Backroads, has been nominated for two Grammy Awards (Best Traditional Blues Album and Best Long Form Music Video) and is touted as “…a blues fan’s dream…” The album and film features Blues greats; B.B. King, Etta Baker, Gatemouth Brown, and many others whose music has shaped today’s music culture."  Credits

December 2008

Noah Hunt & Jason Dennie finish their follow up folk album to Long Black Train called "All The Dark Things" It is now available for purchase!

Noah launches his own "Offical" website at
where fans can purchase his music and read his blogs!
2005 by Steve Mitchell
Musicians Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt
arrive to the 50th Annual Grammy Awards
at the Staples Center in Los Angeles - February 10th, 2008
2010  Noah Hunt tours with Kenny Wayne on some Blues Festivals and also does some local shows with his own band
Noah Hunt & The 420 All Stars
Kenny Wayne Shepherd band releases a live CD
September 28, 2010 In Chicago
2005 by Steve Mitchell
  Kenny Wayne Shepherd finally puts out a new album with Noah Hunt singing lead called "How I Know"
Once again Noah tours with Kenny to support the new album and promote it on television & radio. 
2011 by Scott Harrison