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The Story and Adventure 
In the spring of 2004 Sasha Rae was given two female bunnies from her uncle she was visiting in CT. They were 2 for $10 after Easter rabbits that nobody wanted.  So she brought them home to Massachusetts, named then Pringles & Wicket and spoiled them daily!
We allow our bunnies to play in an outdoor pen everyday where they could munch on fresh grass and dig holes and do all the natural things bunnies do.  We also gave them treats of fresh apples right off our tree and carrots and lettuce. We moved the playpen every week so that new grass could grow and the bunnies could laze around on fresh grown grass.
Needless to say these bunnies had quite the life. Only one thing was missing, a boyfriend.  
Pringles & Wicket
Wicket & Pringles in their play pen

We borrowed a male bunny from the farm where we board our horse. A male bunny is called a "Buck". His breed was part Angora/Rex part Dwarf. He was quite a funky looking bunny but we thought he'll do. Both girl bunnies took to their new friend right away. And even though we let him stay over for a few nights in his own pen, it only took a few minutes for him to do his business. After we returned him to his home our girl bunnies went about their normal routine eating apples and digging burrows.
Soon we discovered they were making a warren because they tunneled down through the ground and up over the other side of their pen.
They did manage to get out a few times and it took about 4 of us to round them up.

28 Days later... our 13 baby bunnies were born!  
Daddy Bunny
We borrowed a male bunny

13 baby bunnies born to two mothers on the same day, in the same nest!
These babies are hours old born 10-29-04
A Female bunny is called a "Doe".
Hours old baby Bunnies
Hours old baby Bunnies!

The babies are born with their eyes and ears closed and almost naked with just a very fine layer of hair. You can already see some differences in their fur color. Pink ones and black ones.
3 days old baby Bunnies
November 1rst 2004. Now 3 days old!

The kits with pink skin are starting to get their fur, you can see it change to white, grey, and a tan/orange color.  The kits with dark skin will all have black fur.
3 days old baby Bunnies
All the babies live in this one nest together. The mother bunnies pulled out their fur about 2 days before the birth to make the nest.

Mother bunnies only feed their babies for a few minutes very early in the morning. Their milk is very rich. Momma bunnies stand over the nest and the little babies hitch on to a teet, they don't lay down and nurse like cats do. The babies pop up and squeak and wiggle around when they sense their mother is near.
It's okay to put the momma bunnies out in their play pen all day long while their babies sleep safetly in the hutch. In the wild,  momma bunnies don't stay near their babies so as to not lure any predators near the nest.  
Mommas n the hutch
Mommas in the hutch.

These two female rabbits are different breeds. Pringles (the black one) is much smaller in size and has shorter feet. The females have always lived together peacfully with the exception of one fight they had when they were going through puberty and needed to claim dominance. They quarreled and Pringles bit a hole right through Wicket's ear. It healed up nicely and they have been the best of friends ever since. They even share the duty of mothering these kits as I don't believe even they know whose babies are whose. 
Warm in the basket
8 days old now. Warm in the basket.

Every day we check on all the kits to make sure that none have died. Many times when there are too many babies some will not make it. Our bunnies are all growing plump and round. Usually a Doe's litter will have 5 to 7 kits. Five of these babies are all black, so we think Pringles is their mother.
Warm in the basket
11 days old now.

We change the bedding in the basket that we use to carry them in and out of the hutch because sometimes they pee!  They are growing so quickly!
Warm in the basket
15 days old now.

Crawling around the table
November 13th. Crawling around the table

They have just started to become mobile. The kits can not hop yet, but they can crawl around pretty good.
Crawling around the table
Our beagle licks her chops at the site of them.

November 15, 2004
around the bowl
Just 2 days later they all gather around a bowl of rabbit pellets

around the bowl
Sasha Rae prepares food for them so they can get used to it.

Justin and Bunnies
While Justin tries to round them all up.

As you can see they can get around pretty good now, when just 2 days ago they could only crawl. Most of them can hop now! 
November 20, 2004
The babies are now 22 days old.
At 3 weeks old they are so cute and fun to play with!
Then can all eat and hop now. But they still need their mother's milk.
Some are larger then others.
Babies are 3 weeks old
The babies are now 3 weeks old.

Sasha Rae is amazed that the cat will allow the babies to look for teets.

Babies in cage
Soon we will have to find homes for the babies.

November 24, 2004 Thanksgiving Day!
26 Days old.
Goodbye Babies
This is Mr. Wiggles. He already found a home
With Sasha's younger cousin

Goodbye Babies
Sasha is really going to miss our babies!

Goodbye Babies
But we surely can't keep them all!

December 1. 2004

About 5 weeks old 
Free bunnies
We will give them away for free!

Bunnies are 33 days old
On December 1rst and December 3rd our baby bunnies visited a local pre-school where we educated all the children about bunnies and invited their parents to take one home for free.  Although all the children loved playing with our babies we were unable to find them homes this way.
Free bunnies
As you can see, our babies hutch is getting crowded.

All the bunnies are able to eat solid foods and drink from the water bottle.
Free bunnies
We need new homes quick!

December 3, 2004
It was just our luck to visit a pet shop in a neighboring town. The shop really wanted to take all our bunnies and sell them for $25.00 each to their customers.  We looked around the shop and the owner was starting to make a big play pen for these babies to run around in. They were sure they could find homes for all of them. So we gave them to the pet store for free. We only kept one baby. She was a little grey one that Justin wanted and he named her Harken.
January 6, 2005
Wicket and Pringles were placed in their hutch every single night and released to their outdoor play pen every day. Even when it snowed they just loved living outside. One day they both jiggled the wire and snuck underneath their pen.  We were able to catch them with alot of difficulty, but every day after that they spent the whole time in their pen trying to get out. Something they had never done before. So when they escaped for the 3rd time we allowed them to remain free on our property. At night they are able to go under the shed. Our beagle and  cats love playing with the bunnies now that they are free and they all get along great.
Snow bunnies
Snow Bunnies

January 8, 2005
Harken sleeps in her cage in Justin's room. The cage is placed inside a big  round wire playpen so Harken can hop all around and exercise.  
Free bunnies
Justin loves Harken

January 19, 2005
These doe's love roaming free and making tracks in the snow.  We live in a wooded area there are plenty of places to hide from predators.
Free bunnies
Every day Wicket and Pringles come out for food and water

Free bunnies
Harken enjoys living in the house and she really loves lettuce and carrots!

June 18, 2005
Harken now lives outside in her own new hutch. 
One day the neighbor's dog came into our yard and jumped into the play pen and killed Pringles. It was a sad day. That family and their dog moved on June 30th.

When you have animals... cats, ducks, rabbits and little dogs are all susceptible to predators. We can't stop a neighbor's dog or coyote from coming into our yard. You would think you could have an animal on your own property and it would be safe but that is not always the case. It's to each pet owners choice as to allow their pet to live in a cage for life or come out on the lawn of their own propety or in a play pen. There is always a risk and a life expectancy. 
Free bunnies
It's warm enough for Harken to live outside in her new hutch.

July 1, 2005
Today is the exciting day to allow the bunnies their freedom!  This is Harken's first time to roam free.
Free bunnies
Sasha is about to give Harken her freedom!

Free bunnies
There she goes!

Free bunnies
Hop Harken! Try out your legs!

Free bunnies
She is so happy!

Free bunnies
"Thank you! Thank you!" she says.

Free bunnies
And here is Wicket, watching in the tall grass.

July 3, 2005
The bunnies play and hop around the yard all day, and then relax and stretch out.
They enjoy full & happy lives with lots of adventures rather than being in a tiny hutch all day.
Free bunnies
Harken explores the marigolds.

Free bunnies
Wicket & Harken nibble new grass.

Free bunnies
Wicket & Harken are also fed rabbit food.

Free bunnies
Harken by the wood pile.

January 2006
The rabbits lived outside all these long months.
Free bunnies
Giving the bunnies treats, early xmas morning.

We decided to bring Harken in the house for the remainder of the winter months.
Free bunnies
Harken February 25, 2006

June 15,  2006
Harken lives outdoors free on our property for many month. Her grey coat allows her wonderful camaflouge. Our furnance man who came to clean said he was given a bunny and he saw our empty hutch and then Harken hopped right past him.  He asked us if we wanted another bunny so we said yes! The next day he brought us Billie. A pretty little female. We introduced her and Harken to each other in an enclosed area. Within days, they were friends and now they both play & hop around the property!      
Free bunnies
Billie & Harken meet & live together for a few days in the pen.

Free bunnies
Harken claims dominance and then they are friends.

Free bunnies
Justin supervises their friendship.

Free bunnies
June 20, 2006
We allow Billie and Harken to be free! They are so happy hopping everywhere together!

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